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Youth Boys & Girls Track & Field (6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18 & Under Divisions)

T.A.A.F. State Track & Field qualification begins at the local level with the track athlete being registered thru theirmember city track team, affiliate track team or as an unattached athlete. All Athletes must be registered through TAAF before participating in any local, circuit, or regional meets. Circuit meets, depending on region, are available to the athlete for practice. TheT.A.A.F. registered athlete must qualifythru regional competition (the region in which they are registered). Once the athlete qualifies at region level,he or sheadvances to the T.A.A.F. State Track Meet held at the T.A.A.F. Summer Games of Texas.

Athletes must participate in the Region they are assigned. In order to participate in another Region's Circuit Meets the Team or City will need permission from the regions Regional Director and or Regional Track Commissioner via e-mail and thenthe State Office will need to be alerted via e-mail prior to the circuit meet registration deadline each week. Each Region has differentCircuit Meet registration deadlines, please contactthe Regional Director and or Regional Track Commissioner to confirm region circuit meet deadlines.Region Directors and or Regional Track Commissioners have the right to refuse any teams or cities from participating in their circuit meets.

ALL Unattached Athletes and New AffiliateMemberships must be processed no later than 3 working days prior to Regiondeadline or three days prior to June 30,whichever comes first. Please check your region to view exact date.Membership, Athlete registration and region entryto region qualifier is entered thru the T.A.A.F. online registration website by going to the TAAF Online Options page found atwww.taaf.com - home page for directions).

Unattached athlete membership includes membership and athlete registration. Only Step 1 & 3 on the online options page apply to Unattached athletes.

General Information:

Please note: Beginning in 2016- any athlete registration (member city teams and affiliate teams only)entered after June 30 (if your region has a deadline after June 30)will incur a $5.00 late charge per athlete. Athlete registration prior to and on June 30 will be the normal rate of $5.00 or $6.00 / athlete depending on your region. After June 30 (if your region is open after June 30), the rate will be $10.00 or $11.00 per athlete registration to get the TAAF registration number.

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Region Track Qualifying Meets Registration and Entry Deadline: Once your region has closed, reach out to your Regional Meet Director or Regional Director for any questions or concerns. All qualifying meet information is subject to change.

Beginning January 2020 a
ll coaches must first pass a background check before participating in any TAAF events. www.taaf.com/background-check


  • 2020 Summer Games of Texas have been cancelled. Corpus Christi will host 2021 - 2022